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Hosting An ATM

Why Host a BTM?

On average our locations receive around 1 visit per day by our customers. While you will earn a portion on each of these sales you will also have new customers in your store’s location. You’ll even be able to use the BTM to accept bitcoin for payment in your store to help convert these customers!

We bring it all to the table for you. All you need to do is have a high speed internet connection and electricity. That’s it! We’ll handle the rest and then simply send you a payment each month for your store’s transactions.

Our stores have shown that you can earn $200 a month through our machines. That would mean you would cover your investment in about 20 months of keeping it installed. This is before looking at what the publicity of holding one of the state’s earliest Bitcoin ATM’s can do for bringing you new customers.

What are the costs?

We charge a $4000 one-time payment to reserve your Bitcoin Teller Machine and to have it installed in your shop.


We don’t actually have any! We supply the Bitcoin at our service rates and you set your local store markup. From that point on you simply earn a profit for each time a Bitcoin purchase is made.

Ready to learn more?

Send us a message using Facebook Messenger with the “Have a Question?” button or send us an email to support@bluegrassbitcoin.com and someone will be back with you shortly.