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How can accepting Bitcoin or other digital currencies help your business today?

Fraud prevention.
Because people can pay businesses in Bitcoin without divulging personally identifiable information (names, billing addresses, etc.), they enjoy a level of identity-theft protection that credit cards simply can’t afford them.

No chargebacks
Bitcoin purchases are final, so there are no chargebacks, like those rife in credit card dealings, yet another way transacting in the virtual currency saves merchants money.

The ability to get paid quickly
Having cash on hand is often critical to survival for small businesses. As soon as you receive Bitcoin you are in control of it.

Want to discuss how you can use bitcoin or have questions on how you can install an ATM in your business?

Send us a message using Facebook Messenger with the “Have a Question?” button or send us an email to support@bluegrassbitcoin.com and someone will be back with you shortly.