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How to register for larger purchases

Step 1
Simply tap the screen to select that you want to “Buy Bitcoin”

If you would prefer to have your screen prompts in another language you can select the corresponding flag before selecting “Buy Bitcoin”

Step 2
Select the gold button that you would like to buy “More than $250 USD”

Step 3
Select “Not yet, but I would like to be registered”

Step 4
Review the privacy notice on what information will be gathered. Once you accept you will select “I Agree”.

Step 5
Using the keypad, enter your mobile phone number including your area code. Once you are ready select “Ok” in the lower right hand corner.

Step 6
You will now receive a text message on the number you used in Step 4 with a 5 digit number.

Using the keypad, enter the numbers that were sent in the verification message. Once you’ve entered the code simply select “Ok” in the lower right hand corner.

Step 7
Place your Kentucky State ID in front of the camera in the upper left corner of the machine. Make sure that the information is easily readable and select “Take Photo”.

Step 8
Confirm your image came out correctly and that all information can be easily read. Once you’ve confirmed it looks good simply hit “Yes”.

Step 9
You will now follow the same process we did to capture the front of your ID but we’re going to take a photo of the reverse side of your ID. Hold the reverse of your ID in front of the camera in the upper left hand corner and select “Ok”.

Step 10
You will now need to give us a valid email address where we can reach you for any additional information that may be needed for your application. This process usually only takes around 10 minutes to be completed but can take up to 24 hours so having an email that you check often is very important.

If the keyboard doesn’t immediately show up tap the blank line.