We are again making changes to our fixed Bitcoin transaction fee due to the increasing cost of broadcasting transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Fixed fee for Bitcoin purchases: While we began by charging a $10 fixed fee on all Bitcoin purchases we were able to lower this cost to $5 with the introduction of Segregated Witness. While the introduction of SegWit helped subdue the cost of transactions momentarily, the bitcoin network has continued to deal with a constant spam attack resulting in fees now over $30 dollars again just to send a transaction. Because of these higher fees we have decided to go back to a $10 fixed fee for Bitcoin transactions. Unfortunately until additional scaling methods are deployed this fixed fee may continue to increase. To help users have a clear picture of our fees you can now visit Our Fees page for where our fees are currently sitting. As with the last time this fixed fee is only assigned to Bitcoin transactions due to the higher broadcasting fees. To continue buying crypto without a fixed fee please take a look at our LTC offerings.

To fulfill our mission of helping to make Bitcoin as ubiquitous as cash in our state, we will continue to experiment with new ways to provide our services. If you have any suggestions or questions on how this may affect your purchase, please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, or send us a message at support@bluegrassbitcoin.com.